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California Pedestrian Laws and Right Of Way Misconception

While all of us were taught to look both ways before crossing a street, the fact that a person was careful doesn’t give them the right of way or exempt them from fault as a pedestrian.

Certainly, the DRIVER has the responsibility to not hit someone, but the PEDESTRIAN is also responsible to cross as safely as possible.

“A good friend of mine was injured in an accident where he was riding his bicycle and he was hit by a driver on his cell phone. The insurance wanted to settle for a very low amount however Samin was able to obtain a great settlement for him which covered all his medical expenses and gave him a good deal of money for pain and suffering. She got him a new bike too!!!”
— David Martucci

The Law in California

According to California Vehicle Code, a driver must observe the following laws in relation to pedestrians:

These laws, while they can absolve drivers of criminal wrongdoing if the law is followed, do not completely take away fault. Even if the person walks across the street without using a crosswalk when the driver has a green light, that driver must “exercise due care” to avoid hitting a person, even if the pedestrian could be found 100 percent negligent in a lawsuit. The same goes for the pedestrian. You cannot suddenly step off the curb if the cars are near or stop in the middle of an intersection or otherwise obstruct impending traffic even if you have the right of way. 

Basically, driver and pedestrian alike must be aware of their surroundings.

What To Do If You Are in a Pedestrian Accident

First, make sure that you are okay. If you’re able, try to document everything that you can. You should take pictures of any signs and gather witness statements. Most importantly, call the police. Filing a police report is crucial, so your first step should be calling the police. If you or any witnesses were able to obtain the license plate number or the make and model of the at-fault vehicle, that can go a long way in terms of catching a hit and run driver.

Documenting the scene is always important, but it becomes even more so if there is an argument over who was at fault. Noting any stop or yield signs, crosswalks, traffic signals, or the driver’s speed can all help in case the driver tries to pin the blame on you, the pedestrian.

Sometimes an injury may not make itself apparent until hours or even days later, so even if you do not thinkyou are injured, seek immediate medical attention. If you end up seeking a settlement, waiting to receive medical treatment can affect your compensation, as insurance companies will always argue that your injury must not have been that serious if you waited to get treatment. Moreover, you have the duty to mitigate your damages and thus, seeking medical treatment immediately and/or soon after the accident, is highly important. Make sure you tell your doctor how you were injured so that the cause and description of the accident is documented.

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In addition to recovering substantial settlements for our pedestrian accident victims, it is our point of pride that all clients are treated with respect and care just as though they are family. The team at Monarch Law Group understands the agony, heartache, and hardships suffered by those injured in pedestrian accidents. We take great pride in taking care of our clients. We believe that every client deserves the utmost respect and care that would be given to an injured family member. Our legal team is made up of talented like-minded attorneys, paralegals, and law clerks.

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Statute of Limitations

In California, you have 2 years from the date of accident or discovery of injuries to file a lawsuit. 

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